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Season 6: Leave No Man Behind

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It was about a year ago when I was re-watching a movie called “Black Hawk Dawn”. It’s a movie set during a mission to Somalia. Towards the end of the movie there is a very emotional scene between two friends and how one of them gets shot and the other one is not leaving the situation without him. The scene was elevated thru its captivating score that truly transported you into the scene. I went to look up the track afterwards, and it was called “Leave No Man Behind”. At that moment I knew I had found the title of my next conceptual presentation.

Then my work really began. I started by reading lot of memoirs by soldiers who have been to war, met up with as many as I could reach to in the city to talk about their experiences and fully immersed myself in the setting by exclusively watching war movies while I was coming up with the story for my concept.

The story and the elements within it have changed many times along the way, but I believe it’s the best version of itself at this point.

Photographer: @the.architxct // Models: @vibinsoul @qgrotte // Words: @iiimauricio // Video Direction: @osmo_capture // Soundtrack: @ianlorts // Concept + Direction: @amirzargara