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Theadderallexperience: Profile + Interview

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Theadderallexperience: Interview

The first words that comes to your mind when you hear Inspiration, Passion, and Strength

The trifecta components required to stay determined in reaching a goal.

Who are you? (Answer how you interpret this question)

Whoever you want me to be #TheOC.... TheAdderallExperience is a combination of sounds, with a view to beauty of form and the expression of emotion.  

Why do you do what you do?

Music is the most inert way of accurately communicating with one another. I make music to connect with people, and share an experience, where we're all on the same level, connecting to the same feelings ....It's like sharing an inside joke with a best friend, but on a larger scale. When I'm working on a song, or a mix per say, I always take a step back and ask myself "How do I want people to react when they hear this? Do I want them to rage..? Dance..? Fuck...? Cry/laugh/Jump/etc.... For me, making music is all about creating moments, memories, something personal, that can yet be universally shared. I do this because life deserves a wicked ass soundtrack.

When did you know this is what you wanted to do, and what events led you to choose it?

 It started when I was younger, going to metal shows, the energy in the rooms was absolutely mesmerizing. There was something about getting so excited about seeing a band that got me thinking "I want to make people feel this excited about something".  I was in a band for a little while, we played some shows, but in my opinion, the chemistry wasn't there so I left .....Eventually, I started going to electronic shows and it altered the previous experiences I had at metal shows to something exponentially more alive. Around that time, my brother actually started producing/Djing before I did, so that exposure definitely rubbed off on me and gave me a taste off encouragement to do likewise. I moved to Halifax, which was party central. The music scene was unreal. I went to a bunch of shows, put on and played by people my age in a bunch of different atmospheres, I met a bunch of promoters/DJs, and got to see the business aspect of it as well. Halifax was a big motivation and it showed me all the tools I needed to know and how to use them. When I moved back to Ottawa is when shit got real, I put my gears in check and I decided to create TheAdderallExperience- A Live performance consisting of DJing/improv remixes, live synths/drums/bass; a virtual journey through music embedded in space and time.

Toughest thing you had to overcome to do what you do? And what/who helped you?

The toughest thing has been time management. I'm a student, and I also work elsewhere, so I don't have all the time in the world to focus the amount of energy that I always want to on music at a specific time. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Everything I do, I give it my all, that also includes my schooling/work. From my perspective, I adore music, but I also have to respect the fact that I equally appreciate learning and I also need money. So I'm always pushing myself to not let any of the components in my life get out of balance. It's like, with a song I was working on during the last semester, I'd only get really small spaces of time spread out to write it, which is incredibly annoying because it completely fucks up my creative flow, but once the time I had reserved for music is up, I open the books and get my study on. Likewise, when I just finished exams, after studying for weeks, when my brain was beginning to melt out of my ears, and it should have been time to relax, take a break and twist my thumbs, instead I went straight to full time work, bought a bunch of gear, played a show, finished my original, filmed a music video, played another show, released a mix and got started on the next original. I'm dedicated as fuck.

Has anyone/anything ever inspired you to become who you are (to follow your dreams)? Have you ever inspired anyone directly?

Watching DJ Bl3nd's mixes definitely gave me that energy that I project on to my music/live performance, Greta Knights have been a huge inspiration on that galaxy kinda sound that you'll hear on my originals, 80's synth wave/synth pop is practically the foundation of the music I want to keep on making. My brother is probably the closest influence I have (the guy's a mad genius)…. Any time I see any type of musician who's jammin with no fucks given just loving what they're doing- that's a true artist. I love those. I don't know if I've inspired anyone, but  I hope to at least elicit a response. I don't care if it's good or bad. It's sweet if people like the music I'm making, but it's also sweet if people fucking hate what I'm doing and decide to throw a bag of dicks my way. As long as it's not overseen as something that you've heard a bigillion times before and have absolutely no opinion on. 

One mistake that you made in your journey? How have you learnt from them?

Not wearing producer ear plugs. I spent like 4 hours making a hard kick for a song a couple months back, and karma kicked my ass. My ears were hurting for weeks. . I legit, had to take a break, not only from producing, but from any music at all. It was terrible, especially when I was so far into that song, I thought my hearing would be completely fucked, worst part was conceptualizing the fact that listening to music was the root that would lead to physical pain. It was a rough lesson, but I can assure you, I'm mega careful, when it comes to the delicacy of my ears. It's a tough at times, for example, when I'm trying to level off instruments, but I'm mad sketched after that incident, so I give my ears as many breaks/protection as I think is necessary.

Upcoming projects? Plans/goal? (about anything, if you have any)

I have my first original track being released. It took me months to put it together. The final product is like 8 minutes with 4 different genres and it'll be released with a music video. I'll also be releasing an EP  by the end of the summer, it'll consist of the first original, a House/tech collab, a jazzy/blues collab with a Halifax artist named Khenga, A Synth wave track & an interlude. I'll also be putting on a show, which I can't say too much about right now because it's a surprise, but it's going to be radical, and I'm super stoked on it, so keep your ears peeled.....

What advice would you give to other people? (Just about life in general - It could be about anything)

If you want something bad enough you have to put in the effort to make it happen. Everything takes time and energy. And the amount off effort you put in is going to be an equivalent result of what you get back. When you see someone you admire, someone who has made a name for themselves, realize that they didn't get there because they piss excellence and shit gold, everyone has to start somewhere. If you don't start, then you're never on the map, and if you don't continue, nothing else is going to carry you to where you want to be. 

Say anything you want, about anything (Last words)

Stay sexy, stay hungry and get laid!

~Raise Your Frequency~

Theadderallexperience: Profile

Full name

Matias Ezequiel Gay



Place of Birth? (city, country)

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Where you live now? (city, country)

Ottawa, Canada.

Origins (where parents are from)? (city, country)

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

First Language?


What do you do? (Profession/Occupation)


How long have you been doing it?

Producing 3 years, DJing, 1 1/2 year

Fav Song

It's impossible to answer that.... My biggest jam right now is the Maniac Soundtrack done by Robin Coudert, so let's go with that. 

Fav Musician/Vocal artist/Rapper/Singer

Kavinsky/Greta Knights/The Bloody Betroots/MCR (only their first two albums)/Slim Shady (Eminem's older stuff, before he grew a vagina)/Mozart/Cliff Martinez/Gramatik/Pretty Lights/The Glitch Mob....the list could go on forever.

Fav Movie

Mr Nobody, The Tree of Life, The Hills have eyes, The Immaginarium of Dr Parnassus, American Psycho anything by Arnofsky/Derek Cianfrance/Xavier Dolan/Lars Von trier/Nicolas Refn....I have a really appetizing obsession with movies, these are just some of my classics.

Fav Actor/Actress

Christian Bale hands down.

Fav Clothing brand

Lulu Lemon Yoga Pants.

Fav Visual artist/photographer/videographer/Dancer/choreographer

Terence McKenna

Fav Sport to watch


Fav Sport to play

Hot Yoga

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