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Skyler Greene: Profile + Interview

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Skyler Greene: Interview

The first words that comes to your mind when you hear Inspiration, Passion, and Strength

Ansel Adams. I know that’s not one word, but he is a photographer whose work is inspired by spirituality. Something every photographer needs to learn about to truly create imagery with heart.

Who are you? (Answer how you interpret this question)

An ethereal being of pure light.

Why do you do what you do?

Because photography is a gateway to making my dreams come true. It allows me to meet wonderful people, travel the world, and manifest images in my mind and preserve them on to film.

When did you know this is what you wanted to do, and what events led you to choose it?

When my high school photography teacher stopped teaching, it was evident that in order to continue learning, I would have to take it upon myself to learn, grow, and adapt in order to become a master of the art. I don’t think I’m anywhere near a master level, there are still so many great amazing incredible photographic artists who I have yet to learn from, would like to learn from, and have yet to discover. It all comes down to whether or not you choose to follow a job, a career, or a calling. The latter being something that drives you every day from the inside – something that works itself into every part of your life.

Toughest thing you had to overcome to do what you do? And what/who helped you?

Quitting your 9-5 and jumping in the deep end. In doing this, you are really making a no-holds-barred decision. It’s a struggle, but if you don’t sink to the bottom and resurface, one becomes stronger as an individual, as an artist, and as a person. My mentors: Chuck Ford, and Vincent Barker have been sources of inspiration to pursue art.

Has anyone/anything ever inspired you to become who you are (to follow your dreams)? Have you ever inspired anyone directly?

Life is like being a part of a massive food chain, but it doesn’t have to be about eating and being eaten. If you think about it in terms of passing knowledge and inspiration, one’s own life becomes more at ease. Everyday I’m inspired by artists above me who’ve had more experience, knowledge and skill in what they do. If I’m lucky I can be taught by those above me, which in turn I can pass on to others who aren’t as experienced. Remember those times when you were a freshman in high school and all the seniors seemed like demigods who seemed to possess all the knowledge? Then think about how it felt being a senior in high school and feeling like there was still so much to look up to! There will always be people above you and people below you. Remember – how you treat the people rising up will influence how they treat people when they eventually reach your level. Positivity breeds positivity.

One mistake that you made in your journey? How have you learnt from them?

A wise man once told me early in my career – “You catch more bees with honey than vinegar.” Be nice to people, treat them they way you would like to be treated, but at the same time, don’t let people walk over you. Understand the power of “no” and always lead with your best foot.

Upcoming projects? Plans/goal? (about anything, if you have any)

This winter I’m looking forward to exploring more imagery to fit with the “Æther Collection” – an ongoing photographic project aimed at capturing ethereal energy in different elements.

Also, I’d like to continue adding to “The Woodstock Project” a photographic documentation of artists and figures from the Woodstock ’69 festival. Three days of peace and music that has influenced almost every modern day music festival around the world.

On a personal note, I’ve been inspired recently by neo-pagan culture, occult, and ancient sorcery. Maybe I’ll become a cult leader like Father Yod. I dunno…

What advice would you give to other people? (Just about life in general - It could be about anything)

It doesn’t matter what path you choose, as long as you lead a deliberate life, and follow a path that has heart. Much of this philosophy is adopted from a book my father gave me that was big during his twenty-something era called “The Teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui Way of Knowledge” by Carlos Castaneda. Read it and let me know what you think!

Say anything you want, about anything (Last words)

Does anybody want to collaborate? Hmu!

Skyler Greene: Profile

Full name

Skyler Greene



Place of Birth? (city, country)

Hippytown, California

Where you live now? (city, country)

Los Angeles, CA

Origins (where parents are from)? (city, country)

Brooklyn, New York; Plainfield, New Jersey

First Language?


What do you do? (Profession/Occupation)

Light Synthesizer, Design Thinker, Traveler

How long have you been doing it?

10 years, 5 professionally.

Fav Song

While this is a tough question to answer because I go through phases of loving one song for a week and then something elese great comes along. Right now I’d say: “Cigarettes and Chocolate” - Chet Faker

Fav Musician/Vocal artist/Rapper/Singer

“Daniel Avery” for acid techno or this amazing “Gypsy” vinyl I picked up in Milwaukee at this awesome record shop I found while on tour called “Off The Beaten Path”. I just fell in love with the Mucha artwork on the cover.

Fav Movie

Sweetgrass Productions' VALHALLA 

Fav Actor/Actress


Fav Clothing brand

I don’t really have a favorite brand so much as I do a favorite store to get clothing in – Hubba Hubba in Burbank is the oldest vintage store in LA. Most of the stuff is great for costumes but I wear the stuff out all the time.

Fav Visual artist/Photographer/Filmaker/Dancer/Choreographer

Krist Mort is a huge influence for my recent work, she’s got such a great noir, raw look. I wish I could meet her!

Fav Sport to watch

Not a huge sports fan but I’ve been glued to my home baseball team – SF Giants!

Fav Sport to play

Ultimate Frisbee

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