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Sergio Chaotik: Profile + Interview

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Sergio Chaotik: Interview


The first words that comes to your mind when you hear Inspiration, Passion, and Strength

Perseverance, ambition.

Who are you? (Answer how you interpret this question)

A loudmouth that keeps to himself.

Why do you do what you do?

It’s my favourite way to make money.

When did you know this is what you wanted to do, and what events led you to choose it?

It was a hobby that became an obsession. I get to flirt with beautiful women all day; it’s the greatest job.

Toughest thing you had to overcome to do what you do? And what/who helped you?

Buying expensive equipment. Jared Polin.

Has anyone/anything ever inspired you to become who you are (to follow your dreams)? Have you ever inspired anyone directly?

I’m not the type to be influenced by others; I just follow my intuition.

One mistake that you made in your journey? How have you learnt from them?

Equipment greed. Use all my gear to its absolute limits.

Upcoming projects? Plans/goal? (about anything, if you have any)

I have an average of 3 weddings per month all season.

What advice would you give to other people? (Just about life in general - It could be about anything)

Those who say money can’t buy happiness have never been rich.

Say anything you want, about anything (Last words)

Life isn’t short; it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do.


Sergio Chaotik: Profile


Full name

Sergio Petraccone



Place of Birth? (city, country)

Montreal, Canada

Where you live now? (city, country)

Montreal, Canada

Origins (where parents are from)? (city, country)

Caserta, Italy

First Language?


What do you do? (Profession/Occupation)


How long have you been doing it?

5 years

Fav Song

I Don’t Care – Fall Out Boy

Fav Musician/Vocal artist/Rapper/Singer

Protest The Hero

Fav Movie


Fav Actor/Actress

Jason Statham

Fav Clothing brand


Fav Visual artist/photographer/videographer/Dancer/choreographer

Van Styles

Fav Sport to watch


Fav Sport to play





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