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Season 4: The Flower Rises

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After the quiet yet successful release of their spring/summer collection named Black Forest, Zargara is striving to create a memorable release for Season 4 titled “The Flower Rises”. This season’s collection is inspired by two of the highest emotions we as humans will feel throughout time; Love and Death (losing someone you love) and the bridge between the two, Life. The avant garde streetwear brand will announce 24 pieces for their latest collection.
Owner and designer Amir Zargara prepared and showcased the presentation for The Flower Rises in Ottawa and Toronto in order to make the audience truly feel this prominent masterpiece thru the original soundtrack by Ian Lorts, poetry by lll, visuals, and the symbolism of heart shaped hands (for the finale of love) and the gun shaped hands pointing to the models’ heads (for the finale of death) in order to put you in the mood for every act.
With this collection Zargara drew inspiration from the moments in movies such as Matthew McCougnchy’s emotional scene in “Interstellar”, Robert Pattinson’s performance in “Remember Me”, Sean Penn’s performance in “I Am Sam” and the list goes on. The details in said movies such as the visuals and music played a major part when Zargara was creating this collection. He strived to reproduce the feelings viewers formed when watching intense points within those films and went on to tell us;
“The whole point of the presentation is to make people feel something as powerful as those moments because I believe if you can make people feel that and give them goosebumps, they will never forget about the show.”
In Order to experience every act to the fullest when u view this online, please play the poem first (before viewing any pics), then play the soundtrack while you view the pictures of every act. Enjoy the experience.