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Maxime Sigouin: Profile + Interview

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Maxime Sigouin: Interview


The first words that comes to your mind when you hear Inspiration, Passion, and Strength

Life, positivity, hard work

Who are you? (Answer how you interpret this question)

I’m a very passionate man, who enjoy’s and appreciate life to it’s fullest ! I also like to think that i’m different i don’t like “society” way of life, i would rather create my own way of life my own path then the predetermine for us years and years before we were born. I believe on was put on this earth to help and motivate people to be better, to reach theirs goals, to motivate them to take that leap of faith towards what they really want in life. Then i’m a model, i enjoy modelling, i would like to make a living out of it of course, but i also want to use it too prove to people that by taking risk’s you can go far in life. I saw that question as what i do, because what i do determines and projects who i am to this world.

Why do you do what you do?

I think i answered too much to the previous question and answered this one already ahah ! But i do what i do because i love helping others and love modelling. I love the feeling of being on the runway, the photoshoots the traveling. Plus you get too meet amazing people with various life experience, with different background. I also appreciate to learn more about different culture. To add to that because it’s pleasing to see everybody work hard for the same goal !

When did you know this is what you wanted to do, and what events led you to choose it?

Good question, i would say at the Jack&Jones runway show i did this past june in Montreal ! The music, the people, the experience the vibe just made it all for me and i knew then. And my friend actually talked to me about Angie and modelling, thats when it all started with one open call :)

Toughest thing you had to overcome to do what you do? And what/who helped you?

I’ll be honest financial situation, i really wanted to succeed so started working less hours, close to none to ba bale to do more and more modelling work, even tho some were not paying i was still pushing to get that exposure, to get myself out there. I got myself in trouble a couple times ahah, but you know what life as the ability to balance everything out and you get out of the universe what ever you put in to it ! So i was never really worried about it ! And i have to give a big thanks to my parents who helped my during my struggles, they were there for me supporting me what ever crazy idea i had in mine. What ever crazy journey i wanted to go on. Weither it was backpacking for 3 months or heading to milan!

Has anyone/anything ever inspired you to become who you are (to follow your dreams)? Have you ever inspired anyone directly?

Yes what motivates me is the people journey around me, i feed of people story. Most people have a average 9-5 job but when you talk to them they tell you how they wanted to be this or that but never had the balls to take the risk to get there. And to be honest will all the traveling that i have done and the people that i have met i realize that life is too short to play it safe, i wanna take every single risk i can to get to were i wanna go, smart ones, not stupid one. And worst comes to worst i get back up and try again. And i really appreciate Eric Thomas and Elliot Hustle on youtube and also Jim Carrey speech was amazing ! I like to thing that i did and will keep inspiring people for the years to come. Some of them come and see me directly or write to me on social media, and i just want to say to those people thank you it means a lot i appreciate you guys taking the time to write to me :)

One mistake that you made in your journey? How have you learnt from them?

One mistake i have learned and still learning on is that their are bad people in this world. I know it sounds stupid, but i tend to always see the good side in everybody and want to help everybody. But a lot of people take advantage of that! So i learned that i can hep people but too a certain extend i can’t get myself sick with it. If they don’t want to help themselves theirs not much i can do. I also have to concentrate on my path, my journey to be a top model and be also able to inspire the generation to come and even my generation.

Upcoming projects? Plans/goal? (about anything, if you have any)

Upcomings projects would be to backpack in New Zealand and Australia and growing my youtube channel so that i can reach and inspire more people. Futur goals would be to get signed in London and Paris so that i would be abe to do all the fashion weeks for next year !

What advice would you give to other people? (Just about life in general - It could be about anything)

The best advice i can give anyone is keep thinking positive and keep pushing keep the grind going because nobody and i literally mean nobody will ever want what you want as bad as you. Nobody will put in the work for you, so stay focus, stay humble and keep pushing. I don’t know too many people that succeeded on the first try, let’s try after about 100 to 1000 times ! Never give up when you really want something don’t let failure get in your head.

Say anything you want, about anything (Last words)

My last words would be that “hope walks across the fire while faith leaps over it” Take that leap of faith, you only have one life and 86 400 seconds a day to make yourself greater every single day! Better start working.



Maxime Sigouin: Profile


Full name

Maxime Sigouin (People call me Lucky) can you please add that to

the blog :)


21 turning 22 in a month

Place of Birth? (city, country)

Hull, quebec, canada

Where you live now? (city, country)

currently in milano, italy

Origins (where parents are from)? (city, country)

My parents are from quebec also

First Language?

French quebecois ;)

What do you do? (Profession/Occupation)

I like to thing i model and inspire people, trying to be a public figure

to inspire other to follow theirs dreams

How long have you been doing it?

A little over one year now

Fav Song

The nights by Avicii

Fav Musician/Vocal artist/Rapper/Singer

I won’t lie i enjoy some Sam smith and alt-J

Fav Movie

I really enjoyed Into the wild, and Wild with Reese Witherspoon

Fav Actor/Actress

Will Farrell without a doubt

Fav Clothing brand

I appreciate some H&M, K-Way and Jack&Jones

Fav Artist (in any art form)

Eric Thomas without a doubt one of the best motivational speakers

out there.

Fav Sport to watch


Fav Sport to play






Website // Facebook // Instagram // Youtube // Snapchat: luckyslife