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Dear sir/madam,
The new Babes & Gents collection could be customized to cater to any city/ neighbourhood/name.
The minimums are:
Tanks/Tees/Crops/Leggings/shorts: 10 (different sizes)
Snap backs: 15
Long Tees: 5
Drop crouch + tapered Unisex Pants: 5
Feel free to check out the entire TORONTO Collection here:
Prices = Exact same prices as the TORONTO Collection (for details on each product, refer to the same link)
13% HST Tax will be applied to all orders
Shipping cost will also be added when the weight and size of the package has been confirmed
Estimated receiving time: 2 months after the order has been placed and the FULL total $ has been received
Direct all your questions to or 613-857-1027
-Amir :D