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Brandon Flythe (ROSEWOOD) : Profile + Interview

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Brandon Flythe (ROSEWOOD): Profile


Full name

Brandon Flythe



Place of Birth? (city, country)

Seat Pleasent, Maryland

Where you live now? (city, country)

Brooklyn, NY

Origins (where parents are from)? (city, country)

Washington, DC

First Language?


What do you do? (Profession/Occupation)

Style Entrepreneur, Artist

How long have you been doing it?

3 Years

Fav Song

Depends on how I'm feeling, at the moment Snoop Dogg - Doggy Dogg World

Fav Musician/Vocal artist/Rapper/Singer

Travi$ Scott, Owl Pharaoh helped me get through a lot.

Fav Movie

The wood

Fav Actor/Actress

Will Smith

Fav Clothing brand


Fav Artist (in any art form)

Kanye West

Fav Sport to watch


Fav Sport to play




Brandon Flythe (ROSEWOOD): Interview


The first words that comes to your mind when you hear Inspiration, Passion, and Strength

The Pursuit Of Happiness Movie


Who are you? (Answer how you interpret this question)

I'm a 22 year old artist with a passion for creating fresh content.

Why do you do what you do?

I do what I do, because I want to inspire. My goal is to make people feel good whenever they view or listen to anything I make.

When did you know this is what you wanted to do, and what events led you to choose it?

I stated earlier that Travi$ Scott's Owl Pharaoh helped me get through a lot. I was going through a lot of issues with college and work at the time that project came out. Just feeling trapped, I felt like my life was at a stand still. During this low in my life, Owl Pharaoh charged me up to pursue my dreams. I connected to it on another level. I just felt like we had such a similar point of view on life, and how the world should be.

Also the connection he had a with Kid Cudi, was the same connection I had in high school. So I was just like wow me and this guy are very similar.

Toughest thing you had to overcome to do what you do? And what/who helped you?

The hardest thing I've ever had to overcome was the fear of failure.

Growing up I had no confidence. The thing that helped me once again was music.

Has anyone/anything ever inspired you to become who you are (to follow your dreams)? Have you ever inspired anyone directly?

Kid Cudi - My World was the confidence booster. I think that is the realest rap track ever made in my opinion.

One mistake that you made in your journey? How have you learnt from them?

Rushing and having no patience. I've learned that its a marathon not a sprint.


Upcoming projects? Plans/goal? (about anything, if you have any)

Working on my debut project Bloom of the Rose coming soon.

What advice would you give to other people? (Just about life in general - It could be about anything)

Pursue your dreams. We have one life. Why not try to make it the best experience ever while we're still alive?  I don't want to take any regrets to my grave...if I fail, I fail. I'll be satisfied knowing that I tried.

Say anything you want, about anything (Last words)

Last words go listen to THE FIX EP I just released.

Ladies check out my girlfriend's clothing line shalaistudios.

Also be on the lookout for new music from Kwasixciii, Rick Debonaire and Tony T.





Website // Twitter // Instagram // Tumblr // Soundcloud // Snapchat: RosewooddB