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Babes & Gents does Collective Seen at Fall Down Gallery

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Amir the owner of Babes & Gents was showing off two paintings at the Fall Down Gallery’s Collective Seen a couple of weeks back in June. It was a great event and a got to know some new people, but the one who stood out from the crowd was a rapper named William Mansion. 

Just right before I was about to walk into the show, I saw some guy rocking my Black Canada Tee (, so naturally I went up to him and introduced myself as the owner of Babes & Gents and after a quick chat, I found out that he was a rapper and he was performing that night at the show. We got a chance to discuss some possible projects after he finished his set, and we’ve been in contact ever since.

He just put out his first mixtape called the Shoebox Graduate, which can be downloaded for free here:

If you would like stay up-to-date with his shows and projects, check out his facebook page:

Big Thanks to Robbie, Owner of Fall Down Gallery, for letting me showcase my work and the buddy from Will Mansions crew who has photography credits for most of the above pics.

Lots of Love,

-Amir J

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