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Hey Everyone,
To hyped of this playlist tho. One for the history books...
So about a month ago I came across an interview that Zahra did with Steve Aoki on Facebook for Hypetrack, simply because our mutual friend Lauren McCormick, who is an amazing photographer btw, had commented on the link. And then i started thinking that name looks familiar (Zahra's name). Then i went back into my notes from like 6/7 months before and found out that I had saved her contact info to be contacted after the Kanye/Paris Collection is launched for a feature... then i went cray cray and hit up lauren asking how she knew her and if she would be willing to intro us on facebook.
I was already too hyped of this news, that i hear that Zahra wants to do a Mixtape for Babes & Gents, then i went APE SHIT CRAZY.
Here are some words from Zahra herself on the Mixtape:
Everyone's heard of the "third date rule" here or there: you've done the cutesy first date thing, you've done the getting-to-know-each-other-better second date thing, and now its date three, and you both know it's game time. She's feeling it, he's feeling it, everyone in the next room is friggin feeling it. You could cut that tension with a knife, but at the same time, you're still kinda nervy and you don't know how to get the night going. Enter, the third date playlist. This right here is an 80-minute stream that should take your date night from red wine in the living room to coffee in bed the next morning. You've got the basics, like a little somethin' somethin' from The Weeknd and an Aaliyah remix (of course), as also a few upcoming gems from the likes of The GTW and A-Minor. Just to make sure the mister/miss sitting across from you really is a babe or a gent, there's a few funniest like Ginuwine's "Pony" and Jay Z "Big Pimpin'" in there for you two (or three, eh? eh?) to chuckle along to. 
Hit play and get rollin. 
Big Thanx to Zahra for doing this again, and stay put for the Kanye Mixtape to drop before the collection
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